September 24-25, 2019

Sheraton Hotel,Lagos

Understanding local governance, the associated risks and how to control them...

“By embarking on a carefully structured and sound risk management framework, a local government can ensure that the limited financial, human and other resources available are directed toward the public’s benefit – rather than spent on failed projects, litigation, losses and claims.”

Unmanaged risk is the greatest source of waste in a local government. The issues confronting a local government entity are in sharp contrast in both origin and design to the issues facing a privately owned company.

While the actual process for managing risk is essentially identical for both private and public entities, it is the differences in how these two organizations are structured and their main, operational goals that create the contrast. The primary ultimate goal in the private sector is to make money sufficient enough to sustain and at least survive; whereas the focus of the public sector is in fact to serve the needs of the public.

Allowing a local government entity to “do more with less” is the mainstay in the justification and continued utilization of a risk management department. The differences outlined here underscore the importance and perhaps necessity of having risk management awareness and training programme, for the complex exposures facing the various departments of a local government, every day.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding risk management and why it is important for local governments
  • The key elements of an effective risk management process
  • How to identify and mitigate against  the various  strategic, operational, financial and other risks  facing  the local government
  • Learn how to implement a risk management framework in your  local government
  • How to utilize risk management for optimal local council performance and exceed citizens and residents expectations.

Special Guest of Honour

Hon.Prince Toyese Olusi, Executive Chairman, Lagos Island Local Government


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