July 27-30,2020 -Abuja

Course Overview

With the increasing growth of fraudulent activities within the business world, it has become critically essential for auditors to:

  • Understand the underlying factors that motivate individuals to commit fraud
  • Examine data and records to detect and trace fraudulent transactions
  • Be well-versed in the law as it relates to fraud and fraud investigations
  • Interview suspects to obtain information and confessions
  • Acquire further skills on how to write investigation reports, advise clients as to their findings and also testify at trials.

This course provides the techniques and principles in forensic auditing every auditor should know. Participants will  be exposed to the legal aspect and reputational risk facing a company, also acquire step by step guides on setting up overall investigation framework.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge on forensic auditing and fraud detection – document review, data analysis, interviews, and so on
  • Be able to perform effective fraud investigation professionally and confidently
  • Be aware of the overall concept of fraud and be equipped with skepticism and forensic mind-set
  • Acquire sufficient knowledge to evaluate and manage organisation fraud risks
  • Understand the various roles and responsibility and stages in fraud detection
  • Understand basic concept of evidence

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