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July 4-7,2020        -Lagos

Nov 2-5,2020       -Port Harcourt

This highly practical course teaches you how to learn and practise financial modeling the right way and provide you with a wide range of real-world financial models.

Financial modeling is an essential skill for finance professionals, whilst Excel and its built-in programming language, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), are the preferred tools for the job. However, modeling using Excel and VBA is rarely presented as an integrated subject in books or classrooms. The result is that both practitioners and students follow time-consuming trial and error approaches to modeling and end up with models that are not sufficiently flexible and powerful.

Financial modeling is finance in action. It is challenging and it is a lot of fun. This course will show you how to have fun with it and benefit at the same time.

Course Objectives

o    Cover the advanced features of Excel that you need for modeling in detail

o    Design and structure different models and translate them into Excel

o    Learn VBA and modeling with VBA, using a simple class-tested approach.

o    Be able to design models and translate these in Excel, incorporating elements such as risk, sensitivity, optimisation and forecasting.

o    Imitating and practicing on numerous models from many areas of finance and you will be able to challenge yourself further by developing extensions to these models.

o    Know the different types of financial models and when each should be applied


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