October 3,10 & 17, 2020(Three Saturdays)

@Sheraton Hotel,Ikeja,Lagos

[Online-learning also available]

Course Overview

This three-day practical workshop will expose entrepreneurs/CEOs to the rudiments of financial management and intelligence, how to run a business successfully and profitably, on a sustainable basis.

Today’s entrepreneurs need to be more financially learned and intelligent, more so than ever before. Even if they do not have to manage budgets or finances themselves as part of their role, they still need to understand the financials of their company, what it all means and the impact of their actions on the bottom line.

Some things are likely to happen when you have no financial management skills and intelligence, as an entrepreneur or chief executive officer:

  • You cannot appreciate the cash flow challenges of your business
  • You will not be able to monitor your business’s financial position and performance
  • You are not able to identify any red flags for plausible fraudulent activities going on in your organisation
  • You are not likely to run your business profitably
  • Investors or lenders will be skeptical and may not trust you with their money
  • You might not appreciate, or be on the same progressive page with your accountant,financial manager or CFO.

Course Objectives/Benefits

  • Understanding of what financial management and intelligence is all about, including the key knowledge areas
  • How financial intelligence can be used to checkmate fraud in your company.
  • A thorough grounding on how an entrepreneur could be both effective and efficient in the management of financial resources, for optimal profitability and wealth maximization.
  • Insights into what working capital, cash flow management and all of the financial statements of a company means from a “non-financial expert” point of view, explained in easy to understand financial language.
  • How to appropriately price your product or service.
  • Boosting revenue and profit without, increasing price or cutting costs
  • Basic knowledge of tax planning and legitimate avoidance, enterprise risk management and business insurance.
  • The course also offers an immense opportunity for networking with other entrepreneurs and CEOs.

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