September 21-24,2020

Course Overview

Audit is facing what could be its biggest shake-up ever. Automation is changing the nature of audit work, replacing much of the low-level ticking and bashing, with higher value added work, concentrating on scientific analysis.

Data analytics can be used to review the transactions of a business, download them from client’s data base and interrogate them. For a company with countless volumes of transactions, you need to know what’s material and important and where the risks are, to ensure you don’t get carried away.

This course teaches how to incorporate data analytics within the internal audit framework, to increase effectiveness and efficiency, transform the “business of auditing” by using analytics to drive the risk identification and continuous audit process.


You will learn how to:

  • Effectively integrate data analytics and CAAT’s into your audit processes
  • Plan for data Access
  • Use technology to more effectively and efficiently achieve desired audit results
  • Progress from basic analysis into a fully automated mode, and learn the basics of Continuous Auditing
  • Design effective strategies and programs to ensure sustainable results


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