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August 18-20,2020

Profitability and cost management are at the core of enterprise performance management, as it represents the bottom line for every company and to preserve margins and ensure profitability, organisations need to keep their eye on the ball and monitor their business processes continuously.

Going beyond individual, one-time cost-cutting programs, leading organistions are breaking down historical barriers to better manage costs and enhance profitability, in a more sustainable way.

With the challenges that companies are facing these days, it’s no wonder that a growing number of business executives are focusing intently on cutting costs, trimming payrolls, and “right-sizing” their operations.

But a relentless focus on cost-cutting alone is not a formula for long-term success. What’s needed is a more balanced approach – one that enables an institution not only to improve operating efficiency but also to upgrade its capabilities to respond to market needs and prepare for the future.

CMPA  drives business performance, by discovering drivers of cost and profitability, empowering users with visibility  flexibility and improving resource alignment.

This course teaches:

  • How to achieve operational efficiency and provide examples of ways to improve operational efficiency in your organisation.
  • How high performing organisations consistently accomplish impressive results and profitability.
  • The basics and fundamentals of CMPA  and how to effectively manage costs,revenue and profitability.

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