July 6,7,13 and 14,2019 -Lagos

(4 Weekend days)

Course Overview

An effective internal audit function provides independent assurance to a bank’s board of directors, senior management, bank supervisors and regulatory agencies, on the quality and effectiveness of a bank’s internal control, risk management and governance systems and processes, thereby helping to reduce the risk of loss and reputational damage.

Professional competence, including the knowledge and experience of the internal auditors, is essential to the effectiveness of the bank’s internal audit department. This practical course simulates participants on how to perform a complete and thorough audit of a bank, using internationally recognized best practices.

This course is suitable for auditors new and old, a  perfect course to provide an introduction to internal control and auditing, to someone new to the field or to someone that has not had formal training, requires further training or just needs a refresher course on how to effectively and efficiently audit a bank.. It provides an overview of the “audit life cycle”, including audit planning and risk assessment, conducting fieldwork, interviews, walkthroughs and tests of controls, and audit reporting and follow-up.

Case studies are integral parts of the course, allowing participants to apply the concepts acquired during the course to real-life scenarios.

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