December 7-11,2020, Lagos.

Course Overview

Internal audits are an important requirement of effective corporate governance. The internal auditor is at the front line in evaluating management’s risk management and internal control systems, assessing the accuracy of financial information, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Learn how to perform these important duties and comply with the professional auditing standards.

In this five-day intensive training, attendees will learn the concepts of traditional and operational auditing and gain proven tools and techniques for performing effective audits. You will get a solid background in the basics of documenting and evaluating internal control/fieldwork techniques. Using specifically formulated case exercises, participants will examine the critical elements of internal auditing: assessing risk, flowcharting, designing flexibility into the audit program, performing the audit and applying audit results to solve business problems.

You will focus on and put into practice the communications skills associated with internal auditing: conferencing with customers, writing audit findings and selling audit recommendations.

“Internal Audit Academy is the perfect¬† course to provide an introduction to internal auditing to someone new to the field or to someone that has not had formal training. This course provides an overview of the “audit life cycle”, including audit planning and risk assessment, conducting fieldwork, interviews, walkthroughs and tests of controls, and audit reporting and follow-up. We provide the latest guidance for a risk-based, top-down audit approach, key audit terminology, audit work paper documentation, and how to “sell” the benefits of the audit. This course is suitable for auditors new and old.

Designed for internal auditors who are new or have limited experience in the audit profession. This seminar will walk through the basics of being an internal auditor. It is ideal for auditors who want to ensure that they follow approved, prescribed audit standards and apply the appropriate audit tools and techniques.

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