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Deeno Academy is a division of Deeno Consulting (

The courses are delivered  in-house or  externally at top class hotels and sometimes,at our office,located  in a  conducive and serene learning environment.

You can choose the learning solution which best suits your schedule, team, learning style and budget.

We are passionate about making learning a value creation and pleasurable experience that allow you to build on existing knowledge base, and it’s all thanks to the support and feedback from past, current and potential clients like you!

Training Objectives @Deeno

i) To impact on management, staff and new entrants, basic knowledge and skills.

Ii)Reduce your company’s risk exposure: ensure your staff are trained to tackle the latest legislative ,technological, operational ,administrative and market challenges.

iii) To assist the employees to function more effectively in their present position by exposing them to the latest concepts, information and techniques and developing in them, the skills required in their fields

iv) To build up a second line of competent officers and prepare them, as a part of their career progression, to occupy more responsible positions.

v) To broaden the minds of the senior managers by providing them opportunities for interchange of experiences within and outside the organisation, with a view to correct the narrow outlook that may arise from over specialization.

(vi) Help retain staff: investment in training will increase team morale, empower staff and build employee engagement, reducing the risk of losing key members of your team.

Why Deeno ?

  • We are effective and efficient
  • Our trainers are highly rated.Our courses are led by well qualified experts that have been confirmed to possess the capacity to impact meaningful knowledge. The network of trainers and course instructors, is developed from various sectors including academia, industries and consultancy practice.
  • We adopt global training standards
  • We offer post-training support and implementation services
  • We have verifiable track records
  • Our courses attract MCPE credits from professional bodies like the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.